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“Perfeita” Oleo da Pele Essential Oils Harvested in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest!!
Brazil is home to a third of the world’s rainforests, making it one of the most intriguing and beautiful lands on earth. To date, there have been identified approximately 56 000 species of plants (Our oils come from these plants and its fruits!! Our Blend Of Exotic Oils from the Brazilian Rainforest will give your skin nourishment & Life!! So amazing is the blend of exotic oils we’ve selected for you dolls. Ranging from Hydrating, antioxidant, healing, moisturizing & reparative!!
Perfeita “Oleo da Pele”
Is a rich blend of exotic oils naturally harvested in the Brazilian Amazon!
Perfect to use on surgical scars, Post chemical peels , resurfacing laser treatments, Microdermabrasion & to prevent and treat stretchmarks, to soothe psoriasis, rosacea and eczema, to nourish, repair and hydrate the skin, Face & Hair Our Oils are Natural and do not contain chemicals, perfumes or Dyes. They are not diluted with cheap oils. These are all pure extracts cold pressed from the seeds and nuts in the rainforest all from sustainable resources!!

“The oil from this nut is cold-pressed and very rich in fatty acids—perfect for moisturizing,”
It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


Very similar to cacao,It is rich in fatty acids and works as an antioxidant.”

maracujá oil
“A great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Known as the “pure Miracle” In Brazil!
Loaded with antioxidant to soothe and heal the skin
High in essential Fatty acids, nutrients and
Rich in Vitamin C.

Guava oil
* Unrefined Guava seed oil contains vitamin B, A & C rich  in powerful antioxidants which helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles, maintaining skin elasticity and fighting free radicals.

It is widely used on the treatment of hyperpigmentation and scars besides improving the appearance of stretch marks, it acts as an inhibitor of melanin biosynthesis, being used on the treatment of melasma and sun and age spots
hydrates the skin and also supports renewal of cells. helps treat rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Buriti Fruit Oil
This fruit oil is one of those exotic wonders from the Amazon Rainforest, a product of the buriti palm tree which is known by the natives as the “tree of life.” In a way, that’s what buriti fruit oil does for your skin­—bring it back to life!

Other oils
Murumuru,brazil-nut,Tucuma,Lavender, pataua, Cupuaçü

All wild harvested & grown naturally in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

Apply on dry clean skin.
For Stretchmarks, hyperpigmentarion, psoriasis. Eczema, wrinkles and dry skin apply 2 times a day on the areas.
For post Surgical Scars or breast scar apply once the scar is completely closed and stitches are removed.
This oil is concentrated. A little goes a long way!! Can be applied 2 times a day.
Apply on tummy tuck , Lipo and breast Scars up to 2 years post surgery. Apply to areas where you will have an incision to Prep the skin with our Exotic Oil 3 months prior to surgery preferably.